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Forms Committee Application

This Forms Committee is charged with reviewing forms issue submissions, maintaining a working library of Real Estate forms for the sole use of REALTOR® members, educating and updating the members of changes and additions to the forms.


The chair of the forms committee will be appointed by the President Elect, prior to the year to be served.

Standing members: Those instructors willing to serve, a WREC representative, if willing to serve, the Affiliate Chair, Staff Counsel and CEO.

Appointed members: 1 member from each of the 5 state districts. 1 Ethics instructor, 1 member of the Executive Committee, at least one each of the following disciplines, Commercial, Residential, Property Manager, Farm & Ranch and Appraisal.

Application for forms committee members: Interested members should submit an application no later than July 15th. The committee chair, the affiliate chair and two other members of the existing forms committee will review the applications and interview if needed no later than September 1st. The committee may make recommendations for appointments if no applications are received, or a position becomes vacated.

The Board of Directors will then ratify the committee at the annual fall meeting. Terms will begin at the end of the NAR conference in November. Terms to be 2 years. Members may serve multiple terms but must re-apply at the end of each two-year term.

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