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Forms Update and Training

Updated: Nov 5, 2020


All members please look for the email to the email on file in the NRDS database with the forms and copy of the training.

We are finally at the time for the new forms that have been talked about for so long! The copies of the new forms are for training purposes. You will note these include a watermark as they are not to be used quite yet, but we wanted everyone to have plenty of time to get familiar with them, and brokers to train their agents on how they want the new forms to be used by their agents. Also included in the email is a video clip from the Wyoming REALTOR Attorney, Mike Lansing, going over the changes on the forms. One of the bigger changes is the use of additional provisions and the additional provisions (clauses) library. These clauses will be available in the software providers clause sections the same as brokers clauses have been in the past. For clauses that do not fit into the allotted space, either FormSimplicity or ZipForms will now add pages to the back of your contract that include all of the clauses used in the contract that didn't fit into the space allotted. If you have questions, concerns, find a typo on the forms etc. Please go to the website and fill out the forms issues report found at and choose the Forms Issue Report button.

As of today, pending no complications, the plan is to release the forms live on both providers starting on December 1st. At that time, the old forms will no longer be available for use. If you are using a different provider, now is a good time to start the transition over to one of the supported providers.

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