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Member Benefits

Joining the Wyoming REALTORS® is one of the best business investments you can make! We work hard to give you value for your dollar by offering programs, products, and services that directly impact your ability to succeed in business with integrity and competence. We strive to keep you, the REALTOR®, central to the real estate transaction.

Technology Hotline

Through FormSimplicity the Tech Helpline is available for not only forms software assistance but everyday computer troubles.

Public Relations & Information Services

ROTY/BPOY Awards W.A.R.’s statewide REALTOR® of the Year and Business Person of the Year programs recognize personal and professional excellence among REALTORS® and individuals in the business community. W.A.R. Website You can access the most current information and exchange ideas and get advice on “what works” and “what doesn’t” on W.A.R.’s website. The members only section of the website is an exclusive service that provides members with association information, on-line contracts, and education opportunities. It also provides important industry news and resources. REALTOR® Image W.A.R. provides public relations service through press releases, news stories, and media interviews that enhance the image of REALTORS®. Trademark Monitoring By virtue of membership, REALTORS® are licensed to use the REALTOR® Trademark. W.A.R. protects the integrity of trademark use and ensures that only our members use it. Information Service W.A.R. disseminates broadcast emails and faxes to all REALTOR® offices. You’ll be “In the Know” when it comes to real estate news.


WAR sponsors continuing education courses that help you meet your license renewal requirements while enhancing your practical knowledge of the real estate industry.

Affinity Programs

Being a REALTOR® can save you money. W.A.R. negotiates with companies like UPS, and HotelStorm, so members can take advantage of the special discounts available for their day-to-day business needs.

Government Monitoring and Representation

REALTOR® Political Action Committee
The REALTOR® Political Action Committee, or RPAC, provides financial support for political candidates. Contributions are voluntary, but they are critical in order to support our local, state and federal candidates who demonstrate commitment to property owners and the real estate profession.

W.A.R.’s full-time lobbyist, along with involved REALTORS®, provides you with a consistent, influential voice at the legislature and throughout the year.

Government Affairs Update
The Update, issued throughout the Legislative Session and printed in the Association Newsletter, provides timely reports to brokers and local board leaders on legislative and regulatory issues affecting the industry.

Calls to Action
Calls-to-Action are urgent requests for W.A.R. members to make contact with state Legislators or U.S. Congressmen to voice, or reinforce the REALTOR® position on pending legislation.


Real estate contracts are available to members which are monitored by WAR's attorney.

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