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Wyoming REALTORS Safe Practice

Your Actions Impact Your Neighbors

It is Your Duty to Protect Yourself and Your Clients

This is not business as usual.

We have the privilege of continuing real estate practice.

With privilege comes responsibility. It is our responsibility to abide by the orders as provided by our Wyoming Governor, Mark Gordon, the Wyoming State Health Department and the guidelines provided by CDC.

The Wyoming REALTORS® ask you to also consider the following suggested guidelines.

Consider your office to be closed to the public. The owner(s), responsible broker, managers, bookkeepers, administrative personnel, maintenance and janitorial staff will need to be in the office occasionally. Agents and Co-workers may be present as well. Please keep your time there to a minimum according to you and your client’s needs.

Do only what is necessary to list and market homes for sellers and to identify properties for buyers.

Here are suggested guidelines:

Negotiate contacts for buyers/sellers utilizing technology for minimal in-person contact

Keep physical contact to a minimum when necessary - Maintain a 6-foot separation

Use gloves, sanitizer, masks, wash your hands, and disinfect items you use and touch.

Ask sellers to leave all lights on and leave access to all areas open when possible.

Complete paperwork electronically when possible. Use the remote online notarization as legally approved

Do not drive customers/clients in your vehicle

Do not meet in confined spaces and meet outside if possible

Do not host open houses or broker tours

Pre-screen potential buyers for prequalification, only show buyers that can purchase within 30-60 days

Follow seller’s direction for showings, as approved by broker, or give the option of “temporarily off market”

List new properties using virtual tours, videos, photography, facetime, and interactive floor plans

Use a Covid – 19 questionnaire form if provided by your broker to eliminate known potential risks

Offer information about yourself to the buyers/sellers as related to precautions and your health

Use drive-by showings first before making appointments to tour inside homes

Utilize time effectively - spend enough time for the buyers to view the property as needed

Discuss the property and details outside, do not socialize inside

Use Covid-19 addendum language as directed by your broker and as provided by Wyoming REALTORS®

Do not attend Home Inspections, Appraisals, and Closings - Send information electronically or facetime

REMEMBER – Practice Fair Housing policies, what you do for one, you do for all.

Display a positive attitude and help people through the process. Use your best judgement.

We will get through this together!

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