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Instructor Spotlight- Leigh Brown

Hold on to your seats and get ready for a great ride, Leigh Brown is in the house! Leigh is an international motivational speaker who can most likely motivate a snail to enter the 50 year dash! She is hilarious (at times *almost* inappropriate but in a “family friendly” way) and speaks from the heart. She is a tried and true, in the trenches, top-producing Realtor based in the Charlotte NC area. She is also the broker/owner of one of the most successful firms on the planet and her team kicks booty every single day! Leigh is in the RPAC Hall of Fame (high five if you know what that is!) and is the current CRS President. Leigh takes pride in being a wife, a mama, an author (check out, a cat owner, and a child of God. She works hard every day to try and get life right. One step at a time. Because really, life is about #MoreThanHouses.

Leigh Brown will be one of our wonderful instructors coming to beautiful Jackson, Wy in the Fall for the annual conference & expo. She will be teaching a memorable course aptly named " Seven Deadly Sins of Real Estate."

You’ve heard about the 7 classic deadly sins, but what are the 7 Deadly Sins of Sales? (there are actually 10 in this presentation and Leigh reserves the right to add more!) Walk through some of the classic mistakes of salespeople and discover ideas for correction. The end result? A more professional sales business and the happiest clients on earth!

Register Here to be able to take this class!

See what you're in for below!

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