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Instructor Spotlight - Trista Curzydlo

Trista is a graduate of Washburn University and Washburn University, School of Law, where she was a member of the Washburn Law Journal. After serving as Assistant Legal Counsel to Kansas Governor Bill Graves, Trista joined the office of the District Attorney for the Eighteenth Judicial District of Kansas as an Assistant District Attorney assigned to the Consumer Fraud division. From 2004 to January of 2010, Trista was the Government Affairs Director and Legal Counsel for the Wichita Area Association of REALTORS® and the South Central Kansas MLS, in Wichita, Kansas. Trista is now the principal member of C4 Consulting, L.L.C. and is devoting her time to offering excellent educational opportunities for real estate licensees across the country.

With the knowledge you expect from an attorney and the sense of humor you wish your attorney had, Trista brings a fresh perspective to teaching continuing education classes for real estate licensees. Her career as an attorney both in the courtroom and the Statehouse provides her with a strong grasp on the “why” behind difficult legal topics while her experience as Legal Counsel for a REALTORS® Association allows her to provide the “how” for risk management in a manner that everyone can grasp and enjoy.

Trista will be joining us in Jackson, Wy for the annual conference & expo to give a good-humoured class on social business etiquette and law called "OMG! SMH! WTH! Did I just break the law? #riskreduction"

Are you in danger of being “dooced”? Technology and new media have changed the way real estate licensees do business and the way clients expect to receive services. It is important to understand how the entities regulating the real estate industry view your use of social media and the creation of social businesses. This course examines potential violations of FTC regulations on advertising, RESPA, the Fair Housing Act, Sherman Anti-Trust Act, and intellectual property laws. Providing practitioners with the tools necessary to create and implement risk reduction techniques in their practices.

Register Here for the conference and expo to attend this course!

See Trista's showcase below.

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