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Instructor Spotlight - Marc Cunningham

Marc Cunningham grew up in the family property management company his father founded in 1978, Grace Property Management.

During high school and college, Marc worked part time in the company doing everything from pulling weeds, mowing, and painting, to accounting and leasing. He joined the firm permanently in 1997 and is currently the President and Director of Operations. Grace Management is located in Denver and manages over 600 residential and commercial doors and has 18 team members.

Marc speaks nationally on property management and business topics, one-on-one coaching and real estate investing. He is known for his warm, genuine delivery of world class insights into how success is built on with systems, behaviors, and planning.

When he’s not at work, Marc stays busy reading, running, and keeping up with his beautiful wife and four children.

Register Here for the conference and expo to attend this course!

See Marc speak below.

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