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2018 Voting at Conference

Voting will take place September 12th during General Membership Meeting.

Elected Officials

Vice President/Treasurer Central DVP (2019-2020)

Lisa Engebretsen OPEN

Max Minnick

Northeast DVP (2019-2020) Southwest DVP (2019-2020)

Leitha Sowder OPEN

NAR Director (2019-2021) * Voted on by Board of Directors

Devon Viehman

Requested Bylaw Changes

Article III. Section 5.

Mandates number of days for new members to complete ethics training.


Change 90 to 180.

Article V Officers. Section 4.

Mandates acquiring a Bond for the treasurer.


Remove. Treasurer no longer handles any funds.

Article VII Board of Directors. Section 4.

Mandates a minimum of two meetings per year.


Change Board of director meetings from a minimum of two per year to four.

Article X Election of officers.


Section 1. Wyoming no longer has any elected directors.

Section 2. clarifies language

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