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"Backyard Ready" Spring Checklist

“Backyard Ready” Spring Checklist

Whether your clients are settling into their new home or getting ready to put their property on the market, there are several things they need to do now to get backyard ready. The family yard is extension of the home – providing a respite from stress, offering an outside entertainment area, expanding living space, and giving kids and pets and a safe place to play.

The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute offers this checklist to help sellers get their yard ready for showings and to help new buyers get maximum enjoyment out of their new backyard.

✔ Take Stock of Equipment: Need to update, upgrade or replace outdoor power equipment, like a lawn mower, hedger/trimmer or edger? Want to install a water solution like a smart irrigation system? Now’s the time. At the very least get your lawn mower serviced and its blade sharpened so it’s ready for action.

✔ Clean Up: Walk around the lawn and clean up any debris that has collected over the winter. Pro tip: a leaf blower makes quick work of cleaning up large areas with a lot of plant debris and leaves.

✔ Fix Bare Patches:A carpet of turfgrass is a welcome invitation for kids and pets to play and sets the scene for making memories in the outdoor living room. Overseed bare patches to fill in the lawn.

✔ Right Plant, Right Place: Plan your plants! More than knowing what the plant needs (sun, shade or a bit of both), the Golden Rule of “Right Plant, Right Place” is about considering your climate zone, wildlife support and lifestyle needs. Sturdy, yet soft foliage should go near pathways. Delicate plants should be placed in patio pots or elevated planters. Toxic plantsshould be avoided when pets are in the picture.

✔ Mulch:Mulch creates a polished look around flower beds, shrubs and trees. It also provides a buffer from hot temps and keeps water where it’s needed – at the plant roots.

For more information on the benefits of our living landscapes and tips on how to take care of and enjoy them, go to

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