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2023 Legislative Update - Final Week

The Wyoming Legislature signed off at noon on Friday, March 3rd. It was an interesting session. Half of the House of Representatives were Freshman. That made for a pretty sharp learning curve, but they caught on quick and participated with energy! There are some very bright stars in the 2023 Freshman Class!

What happened and what didn't? We did not get the rental restrictions bill introduced. We have asked that it be included in the interim study work. We did not get a home inspector licensing bill sponsored. To find a sponsor for that, we're going to need members that are concerned, talking to their legislators. This legislative body does not appear to have any appetite for expanding government. Another Real Estate Transfer tax bill failed, as did the bill for sales tax on services.

What did happen, is the passage of a Constitutional Amendment to create a 4th tier for Residential property in our real property tax system. The Amendment now needs to be approved by the voters in November of 2024.

I've attached the final list of bills. To see the final language, click on "Enrolled". And as I've said over and over again, Sherlyn Kaiser and I are honored to represent the Wyoming REALTORS! L.

Click here for Final Session Report


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