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A Message from your 2020 President, Lisa Moehrke

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! – Wyoming REALTOR Legislative meetings - February 19th in Cheyenne

We held our first Board of Directors meeting and we are off to a great start our 2020 Leadership Team. I am thankful to have such dedicated volunteers that are called to serve and give back to our industry.

Here were the top take a-ways from our Board of Directors Meeting:

Passing of the 2020 Budget

We are excited to have approved funding for the upcoming year with the passing of the 2020 budget. Membership benefits include education, State legislative & annual conferences, Wyoming representation at legislative meetings in D.C., networking opportunities and much more.

Forms Revision

We are through the revisions of the residential, vacant lot (non-agricultural), and farm & ranch forms. Commercial forms are out for review. Property Management is up next. We hope to have these ready to present at legislative meetings and will roll out a training plan thereafter.

Government Affairs Update

Laurie Urbigkit provided us an update of the interim period and legislation to be aware of. Her report is reaffirming why it is important to have a voice at the table and pay attention to policies that affect our industry. Hot topics – fees to access digital public records in different counties, property taxes, and exaction fees.

NAR Updates

The Code of Ethics extended to a 3 year cycle and C2EX counts for COE in this cycle. MLS Clear Cooperation Policy 8.0 passed – Local REALTOR MLS must adopt by May 2020

WYPAC Trustees

70% of your RPAC contributions stay in Wyoming and your local boards can perform candidate interviews for local positions and apply for funds to support candidates. Candidate Interview training to be held and dates & times to be announced.

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