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Final REALTORS® Legislative Report

Good Morning All!

One week ago today, the Wyoming Legislature adjourned the 2021 session. It was a mix of in person and online meetings. I hope many of you had an opportunity to watch the live broadcasts on YouTube. This was the first full session to be live broadcast. What a great opportunity for the residents of the state to watch their legislators in action!

Some take aways from our perspective: No new taxes were imposed, one exemption was allowed to expire on rolling stock for the railroads. Property taxes were hotly debated, with our compromise of capping at a 20 per cent increase per year being unacceptable to both those on the right and the left. However, it will be an interim Revenue committee discussion, including the appeal process. Small businesses were protected from liability rising from COVID. There is a new exception to personal property tax, if you have a "diminimus", under $2,500 in personal property value, you are not required to pay personal property taxes. There is now a simple way to eliminate unenforceable restrictive covenants from property records. And finally, the Senate and House could not agree on Education funding, so they kicked that rock down the road. Most all new legislation takes effect on July 1, 2021. There will be another special session in mid July. The purpose of that session will be to determine how to best utilize the 1.2 billion dollars in Federal Stimulus money.

I have attached the final report. On behalf of Sherlyn Kaiser and me, it has been an honor to represent the Wyoming REALTORS! L.

Click Here to read report Laurie Urbigkit (307) 851-1191

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