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April 16th – Management Council

Approval of Interim Committee Topics

April 24th – Management Council

Discussion of Special Session to deal with Covid-19

May 1st – Management Council

Review of draft legislation to deal with the Federal Funds related to Covid-19

May 7th – Minerals Committee

Review and refinement of legislation for Special Session dealing with Covid-19 business relief funds.

May 8th – Management Council

Review and adoption of rules related to the Special Session.

May 11th – Minerals Committee

Review and final adoption of legislation related to business entities and Covid-19 Federal Funds, including provisions for rent subsidies to landlords.

May 15th- 16th – Special Session of the Wyoming State Legislature

Bills dealt with funding for State and local government, private businesses both large and small, employer liability limits and funding for rent subsidies.

May 26th – 27th – Revenue Committee

All things revenue enhancement discussion, including taxes on services, property tax increases, real property transfer tax and sales tax increases.

June 1st & 2nd – Mineral Committee

Discussion of Ad Valorem taxation, Business Council implementation of Covid-19 funds.

June 10th & 11th – Corporations Committee

Discussion of consolidation of licensing Boards. Discussion regarding Remote Notaries.

August 13th & 14th – Select Water Committee

Discussion of bill to substantially delay approval of rural subdivisions to vacate water rights through the State Water Division.

August 24th & 25th – Revenue Committee

Further discussion on Real Estate Transfer Tax, repeal of exemption on food, sales tax on services and an increase in property taxes.

September 10th & 11th – Corporations Committee

Universal licensing bill and Remote Notarization

September 21st – Transportation Committee

Road Usage Charge legislation

Other Activities

21 I.E. Campaigns during the Primary Election via NAR plus advertising in print and online of our endorsements – in house.

12 I.E. Campaigns during the General Election – in house

-Laurie Urbigkit, Government Affairs Director

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