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2018 Legislative Session Final Report

The Wyoming Legislature will reconvene the 2018 session on Wednesday afternoon for the House, and Thursday for the Senate. They are reconvening to work out differences in the School Capital Construction bill and review any possible line item vetoes by the Governor on the Budget. However, I will not be there! Our bills are finished, and we've taken leave of the Capitol city! The session was fast and furious, but no harm came to Wyoming REALTORS professionally. There were times of serious disagreement between the House and Senate, which may have led to this lengthening of the session, but other than the School capital construction debate, all seems to have been settled. The next step is for the final Interim Study topics to be announced. That list was published the last week of session, but now we understand that it may be mid April or later before they are determined and published. So... attached is the final report for the 2018 Legislative session. Thank you for allowing us to represent you! L.

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