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2019 Interim Legislative Committee Work

After the regular legislative session ends, the joint standing committees of the legislature meet across Wyoming for a minimum of three – two day meetings. This Interim period is the time when the committees can do much more in-depth investigation and education on specific topics. The topics are prioritized by the individual committees, then agreed upon by the joint committees and presented to the Management Council of the legislature. The Management Council is made up of the leadership of both the House and Senate Republicans and Democrats. They then decide on the topics, prioritize them and assign the topics to the joint committees.

Starting in April or May, the joint committees begin meeting. While a list is published in late March of the assigned topics, some committees are more “creative” in what they work on. Often times, one in depth discussion will bring forward a related issue that the committee feels needs addressed in legislation.

This year interim meetings have been held in Thermopolis, Buffalo, Gillette, Lander, Dubois, Riverton, Casper, Pinedale, Sheridan, Douglas, Ft. Washakie, Evanston and Cheyenne.

Legislation that we have worked on either with individual legislators or through the committee process includes:

Property Tax Increase (two separate bills)

National Tax Recapture

Personal Property Tax

Sales Tax on Services

Agriculture Land Definitions

Statement of Consideration

County and Municipal Authority

Association Health Plans


State Government Appropriations

The 2020 Legislative session is a budget session, so only 20 days long and begins in February. There will be countless other bills that we will evaluate in relation to their effect on the real estate industry, homeownership and private property rights in Wyoming. As more bills become available, we will post the information on the Wyoming REALTORS® website.

Questions, comments?

Call Laurie Urbigkit @ (307) 851-1191 or email at

Laurie Urbigkit

Wyoming REALTORS ®

Government Affairs Director

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