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2023 Legislative Update - Week 3

Three weeks completed, only 5 to go! Attached is this week's updates. All Senate Files have been published, the House has until Tuesday to introduce bills. So this list could still grow.

A member suggested that I color code the bills and sort them by importance. Your BOD thought using a stop light configuration made sense. So the color coding is:

RED = STOP... this is an important bill. If you only have time to read a few, stop and read these.

YELLOW = SLOW down, you might want to review these.

GREEN = GO on through. Unless you're a political junky or you can't sleep, go ahead and go past these.

Next week we anticipate the Property Tax Amendments will be heard in committee. Watch for your Call to Actions, as I may need your help!

Questions? Text me at 307-851-1191 or send me an email.

Click here for Week 3 Report

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