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2024 Legislative Update - Week 2

Attached, please find the recap of the bills we are currently watching during this legislative budget session.  It requires a 2/3rds vote to introduce non-budget bills.  Friday was the last day for introduction.  The Senate got through their list, the House did not.  They spent the entire day on the budget, worked late and still left 44 bills on the introduction list.

As you read through the bills, you'll note that there are a variety of real estate tax relief bills still alive.  The Senate committees have not taken them up yet, the House Revenue has worked and voted on some, but are still sorting through them.  As the calendars for committees are posted, I'll send a quick email to let you know when those bills will be heard.  You can watch live on the Wyoming Legislature's YouTube channel.  

House Revenue will meet Monday at 9 a.m. - HB 203 -RE Taxes

Senate Transportation will meet Monday upon noon adjournment - Foreign ownership

House Corporations will meet Monday upon noon adjournment - Childcare/HOAs

If you have questions, text me at 307-851-1191 or email to

2.17.24 Report
Download PDF • 94KB

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