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2024 Legislative Update - Week 3

Attached you will find the latest legislative update.  As you will see, we've narrowed down the list of real estate tax bills.  There is still quite a variety and how they will work if all pass is yet to be determined.  Most of them have a clause that if you apply for this program, you can't use another.  HB 203, which was probably the most radical (eliminated tax on 97% of residential property and add an additional 2% sales tax) died on third reading in the House on Tuesday.  

If you click on the bill number, it may take you to the final version with all amendments (Enrolled or Engrossed), but it also may take you to the original version without amendments.  If you want to read the enrolled or engrossed version, go to and click on the 2024 bills, find the bill number and then on the right side of that page, there will be an option for enrolled (House bills) or engrossed (Senate files).  

If you have questions, text me at 307-851-1191 or email to

Legislative report 2.28.24
Download PDF • 82KB

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