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A Letter from the Desk of the President

N.A.R. State President’s Meeting

Wyoming REALTORS® Report - Lisa Moehrke, President

Change is constant as we evolve, join forces, and share resources through this pandemic. Many changes have occurred within the last 24 hours. Here is a re-cap from our State President’s meeting held this morning 4/17/20. Highlights include N.A.R. Advocacy efforts, Mid-Year Legislative meetings, N.A.R. Right Tools, Right Now, Core Standards, and other available resources.

“I hope you are all safe and healthy. With all you do for your families, friends, clients and community, please take time to care for yourself. We all have our own challenges while we try to comfort and guide others who are in need. Please take time for positive self-care. Thank you for all you do.” - Lisa Moehrke.


Member hot line for questions 800-874-6500

N.A.R. Mid-Year Legislative Conference –

Updated schedule online.

Virtual Committee meetings – April 27th – May 15th & Virtual Conference sessions – May 12th – May 14th

All attendees will need to re-register once a new platform launches next week.

Some committee meetings will be open, invite only with guests, closed to members only, or have different portals to accommodate voting members vs. guests.

General meetings will be broadcast, streamed, Facebook live, and YouTube

**Suggested meetings to plan to attend - Region XI caucus, N.A.R. committee meetings, General Session, NAR 360, Regulatory Issues, Federal legislative and political forum, Real Property Valuation, State leadership Idea Exchange Council, Local leadership Idea Exchange Council, and the Board of Directors meeting.

Right Tools, Right Now -

Over 62,000 members have taken advantage of free or significant discounts 250+ products and services.

Offerings represent over 6 Million dollars in revenues forgone by N.A.R. to help members.

Telemedicine -

Over 2300 physicians, available 24/7 that can write prescriptions, 2 months free.

Enrollment ended 4/15/20 now extended to 5/31/20

After 2 months, enrollment fee usually $15/mo, N.A.R. negotiated to $7/mo per family

REALTOR Center For Financial Wellness -

Free Classes - - Pricing Strategy Advisor & E-PRO classes

New centralized resource site to launch soon - currently houses ebooks and reports

2020 REALTORS® Conference & Expo -

New Orleans mayor recently talked about limiting festivals & concerts until the end of 2020.

This does not include business conferences. We are still moving forward as scheduled at this time. Working with local & State authorities to discuss best practices and safety.

Core Standards – anticipated modifications

Suggested suspensions for the 6th cycle – Advocacy Vote, Act, Invest and Community Engagement

Clear Cooperation Policy 8.0

May 1st date still an expectation for compliance, this date is not extended. See F.A.Q.s here:

N.A.R. Advocacy & Lobbying Efforts

N.A.R. efforts have included letters, video calls, phones calls with the primary focus to make certain the independent contractor was included for eligibility in the CARES Act.

TEXT COVID19 to 30644 for REALTOR® Party notifications

PPP & EIDL SBA Loans – processed 14 years’ worth of loans in 14 days. $2 Trillion dollars, they are out of money. Will work through the weekend to add $250 Billion to this program. If applications were in, then first come first serve. Until funding is approved, no more applications will be accepted.

Once more funding is approved – independent contractor must provide a 1040 Schedule C and 1099-MISC for 2019 to prove average monthly net earnings. 2018 taxes are not allowed. The hope is new funding will encourage more SBA lenders to work with new clients since admin costs are hefty.

For more information:

Pandemic unemployment assistance program – rolled out in a few states. Department of Labor has published some guidance. 100% federal covered, fully administered by States. In some states you must first apply for regular unemployment and be denied prior to applying for this new program. States do analysis to see if a person is eligible then you get a weekly qualification amount + $600/week added.

For more information for on forbearance and resources:

Please feel free to contact the Wyoming REALTORS® if you have any questions.

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